Vileda Tip Top Dish Sponge, 3 Pcs

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The Vileda Tip Top classic dish sponge is designed to last you longer. This high-quality scouring pad will not crumble or peel away from the sponge. Always remember to test the pad on a non-visible area before using on particularly sensitive surfaces. Purchase this unique dish sponge from Vileda and make your life easier at the kitchen.

Product Highlights

1. High-quality abrasive

Tip Top sponge scourers feature a scouring mesh that will not crumble or peel away from the sponge. As a result, the sponges are fairly long-lasting and durable.

2. Features foam backing

Vileda TipTop Foam backing is designed to effectively produce suds and rinses easily with water.

3. Long-lasting and durable

Made of high-quality materials, the scouring pad and sponge are joined using a special method of adhesion. As a result, this Vileda TipTop sponge scourer lasts a fairly long time.

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