Shan Chicken Tikka Masala, 50 gm

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Shan Chicken Tikka Mix helps you prepare mouth-watering, flavorsome and juicy charbroiled chicken to satiate your barbeque craving.

Shan Recipe & Seasoning Mix for Chicken Barbeque ( BBQ )


  1. Chicken - 1½ kgs / 3.3 lbs 8-10 portions, make 2-3 slits on each

  2. Lemon Juice - 8-10 tablespoons

  3. Oil / Ghee - 6 tablespoons

  4. Shan Chicken Tikka Mix - 1 packet. Note: Do not mix in water.

    1. Mix together Shan Chicken Tikka Mix, lemon juice, and 2 tablespoons oil. Apply on chicken pieces and marinate for 3 hours or more.
    2. Put each portion of chicken on a skewer and place it on low heat of charcoal/gas grill.
    3. Grill evenly on each side until meat is tender and done. Apply butter before removing from heat. Serving Suggestions: Serve hot Chicken Tikka with a fresh green salad, sliced onion, tomatoes, and Shan Tamarind / BBQ / Green Chutney.
      Shan Masala in Kuwait - Taste of Authentic Food with a Bite of Happiness

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