Vileda Pan Scourer, 9 Pcs

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Vileda's ultra-fresh scourer is a multipurpose fibre scourer. Like all Vileda scourers, the Ultra Fresh scourer is excellent for removing the toughest dirt from all types of surfaces. Thanks to its thickness, it is especially flexible when your clearing wet surfaces. It features an antibacterial treatment* that slows down the growth of bacteria and unpleasant odors. *It incorporates silver chloride which slows down the growth of bacteria and odors. Biological activity tested

Product Highlights

1. Antibacterial treatment*

Ultra Fresh from Vileda contains a treatment that slows down the growth of bacteria and unpleasant odours. The UltraFresh Pan Scourer designed for a more hygienic and durable!

2. Abrasive fibre

The Vileda UltraFresh Pan Scourer eliminates the most stubborn dirt on all types of surfaces. Ideal for daily cleaning. If in doubt, try this fibre made of an abrasive material on a small area of the product to be cleaned that is not visible and check that it does not scratch or damage it.

3. Easy to handle

 When wet, the Ultra Fresh scourer becomes very flexible and easy to use thanks to its reduced thickness. Ideal for removing germs, grease and leftover food from platters or pots.

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